MESSAGE from our President

I hope our products contribute to the safety, security, and convenience of everyone and of society.

Our company was established in 1953. We started out business making spiral and constant force springs for wall clocks and alarm clocks. In the period of rapid economic growth (around the 1960s), we began to manufacture spiral springs and constant force springs for various household items such as time switches for washing machines and toaster ovens, winding cords for vacuum cleaners, and lifting devices for fans.
Nowadays, we mainly manufacture spiral springs for automobile seatbelt retractors, of which we have the top share in Japan.
In this way, our spiral springs silently support the safety and convenience of everyone´s daily life.
We have developed in-house machines to manufacture spiral springs and a proprietary simulator that makes full use of mechanics and material engineering.
We have bases in China, Indonesia, and in Mexico. In order to meet a wide variety of demands apart from high quality, low price, and short time delivery, we also strive not to stop improving technology and developing new capabilities.
Our employees desire to make our customers happy nurtures our attitude towards work and ensures we manufacture products with stable quality.
We keep creativity, imagination and passion for manufacturing, and will invent brand new items with our unique technology. We strongly hope our products will be beneficial for society and people.

President of Hayamizu Hatsujo Co., Ltd.Kazumasa Iida

Company data

Company Name Hayamizu Hatsujo Co., Ltd.
Establishment November, 1953
Capital 40,000,000 yen
President Kazumasa Iida
Address 2-2-2 Fushiki-Kokubu, Takaoka, Toyama, Japan 933-0101
TEL +81-766-44-0550
FAX +81-766-44-0271
Area Factory site 13,346m2 Building 11,077m2
Main bank Hokuriku Bank,Shoko Chukin Bank,MUFG Bank
  • Spiral springs for cars, home appliances, precision machinery, safety devices, etc.
  • Constant force spring
  • Processed goods
Related Companies
Hayamizu Zenmai Co., Ltd.
2-2-2 Fushiki-Kokubu
Takaoka, Toyama, Japan 933-0101
TEL +81-766-44-0550
FAX +81-766-44-0271
Business Line: Developing spring manufacturing machines.


  • 2-2-2 Fushiki-Kokubu Takaoka, Toyama, Japan 933-0101
  • TEL +81-766-44-0550
  • FAX +81-766-44-0271

Overseas network



No10 Building, No.183, Bei-he Road, Jia-ding
Industrial Zone, Jia-ding District, Shanghai City

Business Line: Assembling spiral springs for automobile seatbelt retractors.



Kawasan Industri Jababeka 6 Blok D3C, Jatireja, Cikarang Timur, Bekasi, Indonesia 17530

Business Line: Manufacturing spiral springs



No. 12 Jin Hu Road Jin Wan Area Zhuhai
Zhuhai City, Guangdong, China

Business Line: Manufacturing spiral springs

S.A. de C.V.(Mexico)


Circuito Cerezos Sur 106,
Parque Industrial San Francisco, San Francisco de los Romo, C.P.20355, Aguascalientes, Mexico

Products: Manufacturing spiral springs


1946 Established as Hayamizu-Seisakusyo Spring Factory. Manufactured spiral springs for wall clock and alarm clock.
November, 1953 Established Hayamizu-Hatsujo with a capital of 500,000yen.
January, 1962 Increased capital to 1,000,000 yen.
July, 1962 Increased capital to 2,000,000 yen.
Around 1963 Started manufacturing precision spring for timers.
January, 1964 Increased capital to 3,000,000 yen.
January, 1965 Increased capital to 4,000,000 yen.
June, 1967 Increased capital to 8,000,000 yen.
March, 1973 Increased capital to 16,000,000 yen.
Around 1973 Started manufacturing motor starter recoil spring.
Around 1975 Started manufacturing constant force spring.
Around 1981 Started manufacturing spiral springs for automobile seatbelt retractors.
December, 1981 Increased capital to 20,000,000 yen.
August, 1985 Increased capital to 40,000,000 yen.
November, 1999 Started operation in ZHUHAI POWER SPRING INC. (in Guangdong, China)
December, 2004 Started operation in SHANGHAI POWER SPRING INC. (in Shanghai, China)
December, 2004 Received certification of ISO 9001
November, 2006 Received certification of ISO 14001
November, 2011 Moved SHANGHAI POWER SPRING INC. (in Shanghai, China)
September, 2012 Started operation in PT.INDNESIA POWER SPRING (in Indonesia)
October, 2014 Started operation in HS POWER SPRING MEXICO,S.A. DE C.V. (in Mexico)
April, 2017 Received certification of ISO/TS16949
April, 2018 Received certification of IATF16949